Pacific Yogaflow is a unique blend of flowing yoga postures and deeply restorative stretches.  Each session will allow you to connect within, connect with nature, flow forward, become stronger, find balance, release and let go, bringing to your life a greater sense of peace.




A warm flowing and dynamic session, delivering strength, flexibility and absolute calm.

Your body will become strong and toned, and your mind peaceful.

An intermediate level of fitness is required here as the postures flow from one to the next and a good level of basic strength is required.




A combination of gentle strength, mobility, and restorative movements and postures, to take you deeper into a beautiful release, letting go and healing old injuries, soothing your mind.

This session is suitable for all levels but particularly beneficial for beginners simply because it is very easy to follow and this slower steady instruction gives each person time to modify and personalize their approach. This class is also suitable for athletes in need of recovery and flexibility.


All classes are 60 minutes (unless stated differently).

Please arrive 5 - 10 minutes before your class.  Being on time for classes shows respect to your teacher and fellow yogis.  We ask that you please do not disturb a class in session. 


9:30AM Pacific Bliss
6:30PM Pacific Flow


9:30AM Pacific Bliss


9:30AM Pacific Flow
6:30PM Pacific Flow


9:30AM Pacific Bliss


9:30AM Pacific Flow


9:15AM Pacific Flow


9:15am Pacific Flow*
4:30pm Pacific Bliss

*75 minute advanced class