“I absolutely love yoga flow classes at Pacific Yogaflow with Deidre-Lee. I have attended Deidre-Lee's classes for over 8 years, since taking her classes I can honestly say I am the strongest I have ever been body and mind. I highly recommend these classes as they have variety and you are always given different level options, so you can make each practice fit with how you are feeling on the day. These classes are the best thing I have ever done for my own health and well-being.”

Abilene Scott

“I have attended Deidre-Lee's yoga classes for over 10 years, and they have become an essential part of my weekly routine. Pacific Yogaflow combines yoga, meditative practice and strength-building, with a particular Aotearoa flavor. Deidre-Lee's attitude to life is inspiring and calming, all at the same time.”

Marilyn Hunt

“Lovely sun filled studio, great teachers and flows, I especially love the Sunday afternoon Bliss Class - a great way to finish the week calmly. Deidre-Lee's classes cater for all abilities, but challenge all students, and she is able to adapt poses for injuries.”

Erin FitzHerbert

“I have been going to Pacific Yogaflow for around 10 or 11 years now and I love it. I enjoy not only Deidre-Lee's teaching but also the ambiance of the space and the music she plays. I always have the most amazing sleep the night after I've been to her class and I've always felt her classes to be healing to my body and mind when I'm unwell, feeling stressed or even injured. I really enjoy both the bliss classes for a good stretch as well as the more challenging flow classes with more flow and work on the core. Its a beautiful calm space to be in and Deidre-Lee is a brilliant teacher. Always look forward to my next class.”

Anna Coffin

“Love my yoga sessions at Pacific Yogaflow. I always come away calmer, stronger and more balanced in mind and body. Highly recommend.”

Diana Beaufort

“It has been 18 months since I started yoga at Pacific Yogaflow. Having had back issues most of my life, 2 spinal fusions, I can honestly say I have never imagined that I could hold poses that I can do now and have the flexibility which I thought only ballerinas and gymnasts could achieve. Learning yoga has been made easy with the guidance of Deidre-Lee. It is not a quick fix, it comes through being constant and patient, then with time, you reflect and see how far you have come and notice the changes that you feel about life as a whole”

Sue Mexted

“I have been going to Pacific Yogaflow for a number of years and really enjoy all the elements that yoga brings to my life. Deidre-Lee is a wonderful and very experienced teacher and I always look forward to her classes.”

Fran Bones